What We Do:

We set up programs for homeless youth, parenting adolescent mothers, veterans with PTSD and their spouses by entering into respectful partnerships with organizations that are committed to the long-term healing of these at-risk populations.  We teach, coach and practice mindfulness and movement education in the most appropriate manner and through a variety of means that include, but not limited to: yoga, expressive movement, dance, insight meditation and mindfulness principles.  These populations typically have experienced emotional or physical trauma through homelessness, incarceration, addiction or acts of war and violence and therefore require a gentle, compassionate approach to healing the mind-body connection.

We provide quality-driven resources and professional development to movement-based instructors and mental health professionals working in these environments and with these populations by hosting ‘learning labs’, a structured sampling of various mindfulness, movement, performance and peace modalities in a welcoming academic environment.  In addition, mingling within these eclectic classes allows learning from people outside our normal scope of experience, who may hold new ideas, different than our own, and practice methods with which we are unfamiliar.  These labs have been useful in countering teacher burnout and peaking interest in future directions of growth.

We train yoga instructors and mental health professionals in the Yoga Warriors curriculum, a movement-based methodology created to reduce symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in military veterans and first responders.

Why We Do It:

We understand that peace, social justice and harmonious relationships begin with individuals that are able to accurately assess their environment, because they are aware of their own internal state.  We feel that the suffering caused by ignorance of the human stress response can be alleviated by good teaching, coaching and practice.  We teach individuals to become their own best agents for anxiety control and stress management with a vision that they will be more likely to act with compassion, wisdom and patience.  We believe that embodied knowledge, through an ongoing inquiry that uses the body to enhance our awareness of emotional and cognitive states, can bring about self-reflection, self-expression, and ultimately transform the way we see the world and the people in it.

Who We Are:

Humanity Moves is a veteran-created, non-profit organization dedicated to providing research-based mindfulness education and training programs for youth, caregivers, veterans, and families in need of body and mind-based stress reduction techniques.

We are a group of educators, yoga instructors, dance artists, and veterans dedicated to the advancement of personal and interpersonal well-being through mindfulness education that celebrates the body’s movement potential. We provide evidence-based information on mindfulness, yoga, dance, and mindful movement approaches that can be used by parents, caregivers, teachers, social workers, and individuals looking to enhance their emotional well-being by embracing the mind-body connection.  We also provide on-site teacher training in various research-based methodologies, such as the Yoga Warriors International curriculum and Visible Learning/Visible Thinking reflective strategies.  In the future, we hope to offer a  web-based, multimedia educational platform for educators, caregivers, parents, and program administrators interested in learning about mindful movement methods from anywhere in the world.

In the News:

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Humanity Moves is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) public charity.