What We Do:

We teach and administer education programs that incorporate mind-body techniques as a tool to reduce stress, manage anger, and improve emotional well-being for populations that are at a risk for negative health outcomes.  We partner with organizations that currently provide comprehensive services to at-risk populations and are committed to adding mind-body education to improve their client’s chances of long-term success.

Most of our students have experienced trauma from homelessness, incarceration, addiction, neglect, war, violence, and sexual assault.  They may be homeless or incarcerated children, homeless pregnant teens and parenting adolescent mothers, as well as first responders and veterans with PTSD, and their families.

A mind-body approach addresses symptoms of trauma as physiological markers of survival responses throughout the body.  We view these symptoms as the normal reaction to being stuck in time at the moment of trauma.  We aim to first calm the body through mental and physical practices that are grounded in the “here and now.”  Calm students experience, learn and decide for themselves the practices that are most effective, empowered to heal themselves.

Our curriculum is research-informed, interdisciplinary, secular, practical and flexible combining yoga, expressive movement, mindfulness principles, and various reflection strategies.  The real benefits of mind-body education emerge when the pedagogy aligns within a person’s environmental context and interpersonal needs.

We believe that powerfully compassionate teaching can heal and restore safety in the body and control in the mind.  From this felt sense of peace, individuals are empowered to move again.

Click here to see a video of Suzie Verdin explaining the One Womb Schoolhouse!

 Why We Do It:


We understand that peace, social justice and harmonious relationships begin with individuals that are able to accurately assess their environment, because they are aware of their own internal state.  We feel that the suffering caused by not understanding the human stress response can be alleviated by good teaching, coaching and practice.  We believe that embodied knowledge empowers awareness of emotional and cognitive states, and can bring about self-reflection, self-expression, and ultimately transform the way we see the world and the people in it.

Who We Are:

Humanity Moves is a veteran-created, non-profit organization dedicated to providing research-based mind-body education programs for under-served populations.

In the News:

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Flying C-172 & 208 Kirkuk, Iraq 2009

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Humanity Moves is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.